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Breast Analyzer

Breast Analyzer Breast Analyzer Breast Analyzer Breast Analyzer
Product name:Breast Analyzer

Fairylight Breast Analyzer is the home care breast health system to be made available for home use.
Fairylight Breast Analyzer is a health and wellbeing product for women, it can give rapid, scientific, and non-destructive diagnosis for mammary gland diseases, especially for mastocarcinoma.

1. Breast Health Care
2. Massage Breast
3. Away from breast cancer
4. Home care breast health system 

With Fairylight Breast Analyzer you can get a view of your breast. Breastangel shines a powerful light through the breast tissue so that you can see some of the details inside. By this way you can get to know what's normal for you, spot any changes and hopefully feel more confident that you're looking after your body the way you'd like to.


Fairylight equipment is specifically used for breast self-examination and self-treatment for adult women of all ages. Came only one year, it had swept the United States, Britain, China and other countries and regions, as the first household product with breast self-examination and self-healing capabilities.

1. using a special optical technology to emit 600-700um red light.The red light can penetrate the skin 20mm deep, to help users under irradiation depth of the shadow boundary and the distribution of blood vessels quickly and accurately identify different breast disease ,such as benign and malignant tumors, hyperplasia and cysts etc..
2. intelligent sensing red light massage heads for different types and sizes of breasts automatically adjust the intensity.It could not only enhance blood circulation, improve metabolism, active nervous system, promote breast health, but also can make the breast firm full and maintain a beautiful curve.
3. clinically proven: The red light of the Fairylight can penetrate into the deep tissue cells where Pharmacy is not accessible.It has effect of anti-inflammatory swelling, pain bactericidal effect, but also improve breast immune function, improve microcirculation which is the esssence of prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
4. no radiation, no damage, fast and intuitive, can be used repeatedly.It's significant for the female breast hyperplasia, breast self-examination and self-treatment.
Red light self-examination: three seconds to see breasts hidden danger, the accuracy rate as high as 95% or more

1. the vascular tissue of breast tissue evenly distribute, there is no obvious shadows that shows breasts is in a healthy status;
2. when the vascular tissue appears dark, indicating that there are some abnormal;
3. when the breast vascular tissue is not only dark, but muddled around like a cloud, you should be careful, this is likely to be hyperplastic tissue or tumor.
Red light self-treatment: 15 minutes per day, away from swelling, pain, inflammation and other breast disease.

1.The red light can pass through a special breast tissue, with effectiveness of anti inflammation, anti swelling, reduce pain and sterilization
2. Can significantly increase breast immune function, improve microcirculation of the breast, which is the fundamental point treatment of breast disease.
3. No radiation, no damage, fast and intuitive, can be used repeatedly.It's significant for the female breast hyperplasia, breast self-examination and self-treatment.

1. Red light self-treatment is safe and efficient
600-700um special red light penetrates through the breast tissue can be 20mm deep.So even a slight risk of breast lesions could be at a glance.So that women keep track of their health.self-examination at any time to see the hidden danger
2. Red radiation therapy, can enhance the breast blood circulation, improve metabolism and immunity, eliminate inflammation and hyperplasia, promote breast health. Red light therapy is also known as the "safest natural therapies."
3. Simple smart device 
Application of the latest patented technologies and intelligent sensor chip made of professional equipment, just control three small buttons, three seconds can see breasts hidden danger, 15 minutes easy to complete self-treatment.

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